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Gannon Power Vinyasa Teacher Training


Gannon Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings 2017

After 15-years of practicing Classical Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, as blessed by his late Guru, Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, Gannon experienced the natural process of where tradition often leads other long-term yoga teachers. And that is evolution and freedom. The freedom to adapt what our own experience on the mat has lead us to discover and create for ourselves.

Challenge yourself to a powerful, vinyasa based practice that is not for the narrow minded and not for the weak. Always with the stimulating, rocking playlist that has becomes Gannon’s driver of a high-energy practice. And, now you can learn to teach this same practice!

It is this same practice style that Michael Gannon has been teaching regularly at Yogaloft Playa del Carmen, since the yoga school opened in  2013.

These GPVY Teacher Trainings are new Gannon developed teacher training that are pre-registered with Yoga Alliance worldwide, LAIYLA Mexico and Yoga Alliance UK.

Upcoming dates for GPVY 100 Teacher Trainings are:

GPVY 100 – Level 1     January 13-22, 2017

GPVY 100 – Level 2      April 14-23, 2017


Yogaloft Playa del Carmen
Calle 10 
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Training Tuition:
GPVY 100 – Level 1    US$ 1500
GPVY 100 – Level 2   US$ 1500  
SAVE US$ 200!
Pay your discounted tuition (US$1,400 each) in a single payment by 2-months before Level 1 training start date (Plus any payment fees incurred with Paypal or bank transfers)
NOTE: You do not need to take both trainings. 
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GAVY Teacher Training Graduates Success Stories


Ever wonder what might happen in your life if you took the GAVY 200 Teacher Training? 

After 15 year of leading teachers trainings and seeing over 450 graduates, Michael Gannon has seen many transformations in people’s lives. 

Physical?  Obviously! 

Mentally?  Absolutely!

Spiritually?  Often!

Professionally!  Every Year!

It is not easy to make a living as a yoga teacher, but many GAVY graduates have used their experience with Gannon to learn how to wake up, discover what they truly want from life, rise up, and make it happen!

Below are just a few GAVY graduate stories to inspire you.


Johanna Smith GAVY class of 2009 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
Johnna added Ashtanga to her already high level teaching skills, opened a yoga school in Charlotte, NC and co-taught advanced teacher trainings with Gannon.


Coco Lapage GAVY class of 2010 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
Coco assisted Michael in 2 teacher trainings in Mexico, went with Michael to Goa, India to assist his retreat at Purple Valley Yoga and started traveling to teach in Canada & USA.


Minnar Martinez GAVY class of 2009 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
Minnar continued his apprenticeship with Michael by assisting him in 4 GAVY teacher trainings and hosting Gannon Yoga workshops in Mexico and then Miami. He now has a thriving teaching practice in Miami and travels teaching in Mexico, USA and Europe.


Manuel Espinosa GAVY class of 2012 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Mannu used his training with Michael to shift his practice and teaching from Bikram to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. He has since secured jobs teaching in Bali and Thailand.


Chaman Espinoza GAVY class of 2010 Playa del carmen, Mexico.
Chaman used his GAVY 200 experience to transcend a physically limiting ankle surgery. He then moved on to world travel and taking yoga teaching opportunities in Indonesia and Thailand.


Amanda Kramer
GAVY class of 2014 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

After her GAVY 200 teacher training with Michael, Amanda qualified for the Gannon Power Vinyasa Advanced 300 Training. She now teaches in different cities in the USA and returns to Playa del Carmen annually to teach the Yoga Anatomy for Michael’s teacher trainings.


Michelle MacDonald GAVY class of 2015 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Michelle trained with Michael to develop a personal self practice that she could take with her on the road. She now uses this to provide balance to her professional powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions. And, incorporates the yoga into her professional coaching business.


Frida Costa GAVY class of 2014 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Frida has done both the GAVY 200 and the GPVY 300 Advanced Training with Michael. She has since joined the Yogaloft family to teach both Ashtanga and Gannon Power Vinyasa Yoga. Eventually taking the position of head of Front Desk at the Playa del Carmen, Mexico location. She is also featured in online yoga practice videos on La Scimmia Yoga in Italian.


Luciana Silveyra GAVY class of 2009 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
Luciana  used her GAVY Training to dig deeper into her already professional acting career in Mexican, launching her beyond to an international level.


Iman Elsherbiny class of GAVY 2008, Goa India.
After seveal retreats with Michael, then his teacher training, Iman took a staff position at Purple Valley Yoga in Goa. She then returned to her homeland and opened the first Ashtanga Yoga school in Cairo, Egypt.


Daniela Manzur GAVY class of 2014 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
Daniela became the lead Ashtanga teacher at Yogaloft after here training with Michael. Then grew onto teaching group and private classes at Rosewood Mayakoba in The Riviera Maya, Mexico.


Ana Paula Pieck GAVY class of 2008 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Ana Paula took skills and inspiration from her Teacher Training with Michael to build Xinilani in Puerto Vallarta. One of the most beautiful yoga retreats in Mexico.


Sophie Sosa GAVY class of 2008 Mexico City, Mexico.

Sophie wanted so much to share all she learned in her training with Michael that she opened Anahata Yoga in Mexico City in 2007. And in 2015 she opened her second school, Yoga and Health by Anahata.


Karla Sekera GAVY class of 2013 Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Karla graduated from both GAVY 200 and the GPVY 300 Advanced Training with Michael. She joined the Yogaloft team to teach both Ashtanga and Gannon Power Vinyasa Yoga.


Zephyr-lily May Mercer  GAVY class of 2006 London, England.

After GAVY 200 London, Zephyr followed Gannon back to Goa where she had first practiced with him the year before. Gannon recommended her for a job at Purple Valley Yoga Goa, giving her an opportunity to practice with many other world ashtanga teachers. Zephyr then went onto both Bali and Australia to work and teach at other world famous yoga retreats.


Jennifer Champan GAVY class of 2014 Playa del Cermen, Mexico.
Jennifer actually hosted Michael Gannon Yoga workshops at her home studio in Durban, South Africa before she finally made the journey all the way to Mexico to take the GAVY 200 Teacher Training. Her training has allowed her to grow her yoga studio, and next year she will host Michael for the first ever GAVY 200 Teacher Training in Africa!

Ready to change your life ?




Yogaloft Playa del Carmen & Michael Gannon Yoga in the Media this Month.


Yogaloft Playa del CarmenMichael Gannon Yoga in the Media this Month.

 Michael Gannon Yoga and Yogaloft Playa del Carmen in the media this month!

Residente Magazine from the Riviera Maya, Mexico has featured Michael Gannon this month as the Foodie of the Month. Both in print and online. 

Check out the interview that took place when they visited him at Yogaloft Playa del Carmen, click on the pic below.


Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Stories #08



Key Components of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: Breath, Bandhas, Dristi and Vinyasa.

Breath: The most important part of the Ashtanga practice is the breath that drives the purification and the cleansing. Is it the breath that should be our dharana or focus point thourhgout the practice.

In Ashtanga, we use Ujjiayi Breath. Ujjiayi means “victorious”. We seal the lips and breathe in and out through the nose only. We activate this ujjayi breath by narrowing the passageway above the throat and behind the sinuses. The ujjiayi valve helps to control the breath and slow the breath, especially when we move into challenging asanas where the breath may tend to become erratic.

Bandhas: Troughout the practice we mantain control of 2 energetic seals or Bandhas in the body.

Moola Bandha: Moola means “root” and Moola Bandha is located at the base of the spine. Guruji (Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois) says we activate Moola Bandha by sqeezing the anus. This should be subtle. With practice you will be able to squeeze the anus and slowly relax the sphincter muscle, while still feeling the upward lifting energy.

Moola Bandha helps to prevent the life force (prana) from escaping out the bottom of the body.

Uddiyana Bandha: Uddiyana means “to fly up”, and Uddiyana Banda is located just below the navel. We activate Uddiyana Bandha by drawing the lower abdomen inward, toward the spine, and upward. We never do belly breathing in Ashtanga, and the Uddiyana helps us to draw the life force upward, flooding the heart and lungs with prana. Uddiyana also protects the vital organs and helps to create space for forward bends and twists.


Michael Gannon explains the 4 key components
of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice

It is the combination of Breath & Bandhas that creates the magic of Ashtanga. Strong intention in our breath and continuous awareness of our bandhas allows us to activate our core strength.

We then discover this ligtness that allows us to defy gravity and float through the practice.

Dristis are gazing points that we use to keep us focused in the practice. There are 9 dristis in Ashtanga, and each assana and vinyasa has a prescribed dristi. The 3rd eye (Broomadhya), the tip of the nose (Nasagrai), the navel (Nabi Chakra), the hand (Hastagrai), the toes (Padayoragrai), the thumbs (Angusta Ma Dai), up to the sky (Urdva), and to the side (Parsva), both left and right.

Vinyasa is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Ashtanga System. Vinyasa means “breath and movement”. Each movement we make in the ashtanga practice is coordinated with a specific breath, inhale or exhale. This prescribed breathing system should never change.


Componentes clave de Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: la Respiración, Bandhas, Dristi y Vinyasa.

Respiración: La parte más importante de la práctica de Ashtanga es el aliento que impulsa la purificación y la limpieza. ¿Es la respiración que debe ser nuestra dharana o punto de enfoque a lo largo de la práctica.

En Ashtanga, utilizamos la respiracion  Ujjiayi . Ujjiayi significa “victorioso”. Sellamos los labios y respiramos dentro y fuera sólo a través de la nariz. Activamos este aliento ujjayi por el estrechamiento del conducto por encima de la garganta y detrás de los senos paranasales. La válvula ujjiayi ayuda a controlar el respiro y disminuir la respiración, especialmente cuando nos movemos en asanas difíciles donde la respiración puede tender a ser errática.

Bandhas: atraves de la práctica mantenemos el control de 2 candados energeticos o Bandhas en el cuerpo.
Moola Bandha, moola significa “raíz” y Moola Bandha se encuentra en la base de la columna vertebral. Guruji (Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois) dice activamos Moola Bandha apretando el ano. Esto debe ser sutil. Con la práctica usted será capaz de apretar el ano y lentamente relajar el músculo del esfínter, mientras que todavía se siente la energía de elevación hacia arriba.

Moola Bandha ayuda a evitar que la fuerza vital (prana) se escape por la parte inferior del cuerpo.

Uddiyana Bandha, uddiyana significa “volar hacia arriba“, y Uddiyana Banda se encuentra justo debajo del ombligo. Activamos Uddiyana Bandha dibujando la parte inferior del abdomen hacia adentro, hacia la columna vertebral, y hacia arriba. Nunca hacemos la respiración abdominal en Ashtanga, y el Uddiyana nos ayuda a tomar la fuerza vital hacia arriba, inundando el corazón y los pulmones con el prana. Uddiyana también protege los órganos vitales y ayuda a crear un espacio para flexiones hacia adelante y giros.

Es la combinación de respiración y Bandhas que crea la magia de Ashtanga. Fuerte intención de la respiración y la conciencia continua de nuestros bandhas nos permite activar nuestra fuerza central.
Descubrimos entonces este ligereza que nos permite desafiar la gravedad y flotar en la práctica.

Dristi  son puntos que utilizamos para mantenernos enfocada nuestra miradas en la práctica. Hay 9 dristis en Ashtanga, y cada Asana y vinyasa tiene un dristi prescrito. El 3er ojo (Broomadhya), la punta de la nariz (Nasagrai), el ombligo (Nabi chakra), la mano (Hastagrai), los dedos de los pies (Padayoragrai), los pulgares (Angusta Ma Dai), hasta el cielo (Urdva) , y al lado (Parsva), tanto a la izquierda ya la derecha.

Vinyasa es una de las características más distintivas del sistema de Ashtanga. Vinyasa significa “respiración y el movimiento“. Cada movimiento que hacemos en la práctica de ashtanga se coordina con una respiración inhalar-exhalar o específica. este sistema respiratorio prescrito nunca debe cambiar.

Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Stories #007




 Ashtanga Yoga and the Ego

Some yoga practices can feed the ego. Other yoga practices help to debilitate the ego. What is the difference and why? Watch Michael Gannon in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, during an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, explain why he experiences Ashtanga Yoga as the system that best helps us keep the ego in check.

Now, if you are thinking, “What?! I thought Ashtanga was a practice for that made big egos?!”  That is a common short sighted misconception! Think again! Watch this short video to understand why.





Yogis That Train Together Stay Together… Connecting With Teacher and Tribe : Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Stories #006


Yogis That TRAIN Together 

GROW Together

…Connecting with TEACHER and TRIBE

Once you start the Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, your yoga adventure and your life experience will never be the same. This may sound like a bold statement, but it has been seen again, and again. Every year since 2002 when Michael Gannon started sharing this Yoga Teacher Training program around the world.

At the same time yoga students are deepening their Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice and learning how to share this practice… they are also deepening their connection with their teacher, Michael. This allows them to be awakened to the even deeper transformation that the practice holds.

Gannon explains why he feels this happen:

“I can share so much about the practice experience during yoga classes. For most students, more than they expected they could get out of daily yoga classes.

And, the yoga teacher training experience takes this to a whole new level! The ability to connect with student on a daily basis for 8 to 10 hours turns the volume up to 11!

Suddenly, the opportunity for trainees to hear, see, feel and repeat a process over and over everyday allows them to really understand the philosophy of, ‘repetition is the mother of perfection’. And we apply this same philosophy to the asana practice, the pranayama practice, the mediation practice, how to see the yoga body, how to adjust poses, how to speak to students, how to carry the energy of a group class, how to give good feedback and how to allow all of this to become etched into the yogi cerebral cortex. Then all this awareness becomes a natural part of the practice and teaching experience.

Then, we have a rare opportunity to use that new teacher-student relationship to move beyond the superficial. We have created a much deeper, mutual trust in all that is being shared. And the more I can help students to move into this space, the more open they become. Yes, physically, but more importantly… emotionally. The more emotionally available they become (sometimes felt as vulnerability) the greater opportunity for growth. The greater opportunity for transformation. And this is where I see people having the most powerful, life changing experiences. Way beyond their comfort zone! This is where students reach that point of no return!”

And, AND … the biggest surprise that most students get during a month long yoga teacher training experience is this similar type of connection happening with all their co-students in the training. Every year I watch students fall in love with each other. And i’m not talking about romantic love (although that also happens sometimes :). I’m talking about deep, loving connections between new friends that are going through a major transcendence. Often students credit their ability to get up each morning, continue to push themselves to where they truly want to be, due to the support of the other trainees going through the same process. And now they have become friends for life! They always look back on this great transformation as something they shared not only with support of their teacher, but with the support of their tribe.”


Are you ready for this type of life changing transformation and connections?

If not now, when?!

Your next chance is starting now during the GAVY Home Study Course leading up to the GAVY Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Michael Gannon at Yogaloft Playa del Carmen, August 19 – September 11, 2016.

6 spaces still available.

and 2 more spaces left for Mexican Nationals at a 10,000 MXN discount.


Take Care of The Teacher First : Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Stories #005

Michael Gannon during yoga teacher training at Yogaloft Playa del Carmen, talks about taking care of yourself on the teaching floor:


As a yoga teacher, dedicated to helping students in the practice, we should always look out for the student first! Right? Maybe not…

I like to address this question with an analogy of the emergency procedures used on a flight when the oxygen masks pop from the ceiling over your seat. If you are sitting beside a child, always put the mask on yourself first! Then help the child beside you. At first thought, does this make sense, or seem selfish? The idea is, if you don’t take care of yourself first, you will be of no use to anyone else. 

So, it’s the same in the relationship between yoga teacher & yoga students . Especially in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice, which is traditionally a very hands on way of teaching “

The following video blog was shot live during one of Michael Gannon’s GAVY 200 Yoga Teacher Training courses at Yogaloft Playa del Carmen, in Mexico. 

Here we learn one of many examples of how we can take care of the teacher first.  Then, we can take care of the student, even better.


Do you feel ready to learn these teaching techniques? Would you like to learn first hand, live and in person, everyday with Michael Gannon for a month? Final 8 spaces are still available for the next GAVY 200 (Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga ) Teacher Training in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, August 19- September 11, 2016.


“Change your body…change your mind…change peoples lives! “

  – Michael Gannon

Click here for details and to submit your application now!


GAVY- Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Graduates

tt2GAVY- Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Graduates

One word sums up Michael´s Teacher Training course: BHAKTI!!
 meet and practiced with Michael the first time in Sao Paulo and his adjustments were registered in my body (and soul). Michael has magic hands. With love he takes you to new places that you have never been before. Michael’s training was a deep dive into adjustment techniques. He shared with us the best way to work in each posture of primary series, teaching how to work with all levels of students and specially concerned in how to work with people in the safest way. His techniques had also great impact in my personal practice. I really knock down many walls of my practice!!!
Michaels is one of the few teachers around the world who is really connected to the pure, traditional Ashtanga method. This training is great for those who really want to get in touch with this purity. Once you get in touch with the real system, in the way Michael teaches, your practice, your teachings, your life is changed…this is really powerful and complete.

The training was one month of opening the heart and learning how to have devotion for my practice, for my life, for people and for the city. Michael’s immense heart and energy infected us all!!! Michael rocks!!! I finally learned that Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a method to achieve BHAKTI and develop love. Thank you very much Michael and I hope to see you soon again and again…

– Guilerme Nascamiento, Brazil
GAVY 200 Class of 2004, Mexico City



What is Ashtanga?

Ashtanga means ‘eight limbs’ and is described by the great Indian sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, written 2,300 years ago, as the 8-step path to true yoga (union of body, mind & soul).The third step, ASANA (postures), is the foundation that purifies body and mind.Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois in Mysore

By practicing correct Vinyasa (breathing movement system), the body produces an intense internal heat and purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body and a calm mind.

The powerful results have inspired Ashtanga communities to grow in most major cities as well as small cities around the world.  Media attention has helped through endorsements from practitioners like Madonna, Sting, Gwyneth Paltrow and Willem DaFoe.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico –Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 200 Foundation Certification Aug/Sept 2016


Gannon’s 18th Annual Teacher Training in Mexico!

“Change your body, change your mind, change people’s lives!”
– Gannon


Yogaloft Playa del Carmen

Calle 10 (between Ave 10 & Ave 15)

Playa del Carmen 


Course Outline:
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US$ 940 upon acceptance

US$ 980 by April 1, 2016
US$ 870 before July 1, 2016

SAVE US$100! Pay your tuition in a single payment of US$2,690 before April 1, 2016 (not applicable with PayPal payments)

Yogaloft Playa del Carmen

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Your first payment secures your space and allows you to start your training with the GAVY Home Study Course, which is included FREE in the course tuition.

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Gannon’s Playa Mysore Club @Yogaloft (June 13-17)


Exclusive weeks of traditional Ashtanga Mysore Style. Just as Gannon practiced for many years in the home of his late Guru, Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois.

Limited to small groups for deep practice with lots of attention, early mornings.
Must book far in advance to secure a spot!

Yogaloft Playa del Carmen
29 Plaza Pelicanos
Calle 10, between Ave 10 & Ave 15
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

(984) 803-0352


Practice Fees, each week of 5 mornings:
US$125 Regular Fee

US$108 Active Yogaloft Tribe

Purchase Now:


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